Mechademia: An Annual Forum for Anime, Manga and the Fan Arts published by the University of Minnesota Press.

While the focus of the journal is manga and anime, we see these not as objects but as arts whose production, distribution, and reception generate networks of connections. Thus our subject area extends from manga and anime to game design, fashion, graphics, packaging, and toy industries as well as a broad range of fan practices related to popular culture in Japan, including gaming, cosplay, fan artwork, anime music videos, anime improvisations, etc.

Mechademia solicits work not only from academics and critics but also from filmmakers, publishers, artists, and writers, so as to represent the full range of commentary available in this field.

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Frenchy Lunning, Editor-in-Chief, Mechademia
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Mechademia In The News 

…the volume is organized in a manner that strengthens the pieces by virtue of their placement and the pacing of the whole. If one wanted to draw on the metaphor of the meka, a reader could imagine Lunning sitting in the pilot’s seat of an unwieldy robot monster of essays, orchestrating its cumbersome movement so that it appears smooth, organic and all of a piece.
—Image Text: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies, Dept of English, University of Florida

“Volumes four and five of Frenchy Lunning’s excellent annual journal, Mechademia, continue the tradition which the previous three editions have established of bringing together extremely well written, provocative, and important essays on the state of the art of Japanese animation, both moving and static.”
— Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies

…as accessible as it was provocative and enlightening. Anybody interested in posthumanism will reap something from it.”
—D. Harlan Wilson, Science Fiction Studies 37

…the journal…provides a vital platform for intelligent discussions of anime and manga. I look forward to the next.”
—Jasper Sharpe, Midnight Eye

“With volume three … Mechademia has achieved a new level of excellence”
—Ed Sizemore, mangaworthreading.com

“Mechademia 3 is a smart read, but never so smart that it gets ahead of itself or that it isn’t understandable.”

…recommended for all academic and public libraries.”
—Steve Raiteri, Library Journal

…an informative and inspiring read for those curious beyond the skin of anime, and even more so for those who wish to read more into the impacts of Eastern culture on the West.”
—Nichi Bei Times Weekly

Mechademia vol. 9 cover

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Tracing the impact of anime and manga’s radical break with Cartesian perspective. Lines of Sight, the seventh volume in the Mechademia series, explores the various ways in which anime, manga, digital media, fan culture, and Japanese art challenge, undermine, or disregard the … Continue reading

Mechademia 6

As passive consumers of manga and anime become active users of cultural commodities, this volume explores the possibilities of, and challenges for, engagement Manga and anime fans can no longer be considered passive consumers of popular culture. They are users, … Continue reading

Mechademia 5 cover

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Mechademia 4 cover

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