Mechademia 1-8 available to order

Volume #1: Worlds of Anime and Manga (Fall 2006) highlights the nexus of groups, practices, knowledge, and worlds that anime and manga have created. It includes essays by the editorial board as well as Anne Allison, Kotani Mari, Tatsumi Takayuki, and Ueno Toshiya, plus rare early manga by Komatsu Sakyô—all seeking to connect the anime and manga derived aesthetic we call “art mecho” to broader practices and social considerations. Order a copy today! 

Volume #2: Networks of Desire (Fall 2007) traces the web of desires that structure anime and manga, from techno-carnal fantasies and animalistic consumption to political nostalgia and existential hunger. This volume presents work by Azuma Hiroki, Margherita Long, Daisuke Miyao, Masami Toku, Keith Vincent, and many others, plus photography by Eron Rauch. Order a copy today!

Volume #3: Limits of the Human (Fall 2008) investigates the way anime, manga, and related media have probed the contours of human identity and activity. Includes articles by Steven Brown, Michael Dylan Foster, Laura Miller, Ôtsuka Eiji, Sharalyn Orbaugh, Teri Silvio, Mark C. Taylor, Yomota Inuhiko, and others, plus critical manga by Natsume Fusanosuke and MUSEbasement. Order a copy today!

Volume #4: War/Time (Fall 2009) addresses the implications of war in Japanese popular culture, not only the legacy of war in these texts, but also their odd affinity for warfare, the gravitation of popular culture in the orbit of modern conflict. Includes contributions by Marc Driscoll, Tom Looser, Christine Marran, Sakate Yôji, Dennis Washburn, and others. Order a copy today!

Volume #5: Fanthropologies (Fall 2010) and
Volume #6: User Enhanced (Fall 2011) examine the spaces, practices, identities, and ideas that are part of the construction called fandom, and the ways fans alter themselves through the enactment and reception of various performances and processes. Volume 5 includes contributions by Marilyn Ivy, Ian Condry, Ōhtsuka Eiji, Amamiya Karin, and many others, as well as a full-color cosplay photography section curated by Eron Rauch and Christopher Bolton. Volume 6 includes work by Itô Gô, Livia Monnet, and Miyadai Shinji, among others, with photography by Rio Saitô. Order volume 5 and 6 today!

Volume #7: Lines of Sight examines the new visual and conceptual modes advanced by anime and manga, centering particularly the replacement or modification of a formerly dominant Cartesian perspectivalism with new perceptual and conceptual regimes. The volume covers popular media from manga, video games, and animation, to architecture, media art, and software design, with additional attention to earlier media, from 12th-century picture scrolls and 19th-century woodblock printing to prewar kamishibai. Contributors include Stefan Riekeles, Atsuko Sakaki, Miryam Sas, Timon Screech, Fujimoto Yukari, and many others. Order a copy today!

Volume #8: Tezuka Osamu One of Japan’s most renowned anime and manga creators, Tezuka Osamu often regarded as an origin figure in Japanese popular culture. Published in conjunction with a major exhibit of Tezuka’s Work to be held at the Weisman Museum in Minneapolis Minnesota in 2013, Mechademia 8 will attempt to provide some new perspectives on Tezuka—including his context and his legacy–through the broad rubric of “Manga Life. Order a copy today!

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