Mechademia vol. 9 cover

Mechademia 9: Origins The ninth volume of Mechademia, an annual forum for critical work on Japanese manga, anime, and related arts, is “Origins.” The essays brought together in Mechademia 9 lead us to understand the extent to which “Japan” might … Continue reading


Mechademia 8: Tezuka’s Manga Life The eighth volume of Mechademia, an annual forum for critical work on Japanese manga, anime, and related arts volume 8 is “Manga Life: Tezuka…” Tezuka Osamu is one of Japan’s most renowned anime and manga … Continue reading


Tracing the impact of anime and manga’s radical break with Cartesian perspective. Lines of Sight, the seventh volume in the Mechademia series, explores the various ways in which anime, manga, digital media, fan culture, and Japanese art challenge, undermine, or disregard the … Continue reading

Mechademia 6

As passive consumers of manga and anime become active users of cultural commodities, this volume explores the possibilities of, and challenges for, engagement


Volume #1: Worlds of Anime and Manga (Fall 2006) highlights the nexus of groups, practices, knowledge, and worlds that anime and manga have created. It includes essays by the editorial board as well as Anne Allison, Kotani Mari, Tatsumi Takayuki, and … Continue reading

Mechademia 5 cover

From fan-subs to cosplay, exploring the fan cultures inspired by anime and manga Continue reading

Mechademia 4 cover

The provocative manga and anime that reflect Japan’s attempts to come to terms with militarism, violence, and defeat Continue reading


Exploring the possibilities and perils of a posthuman future through visionary works of Japanese anime and manga Continue reading


Traces the web of desires that connects Japanese popular culture and its fans Continue reading


A groundbreaking exploration of anime, manga, and Japanese popular culture Continue reading